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I redesigned the control panel and added new modules to make it easier for the company's agents





Understanding | Research | Architecture Wireframes | Prototype | Usability test


Solo UX designer working with 2 stakeholders


Travelor is a website that allows customers to easily find and book hotels around the world. Among other things, Travelor is constantly recruiting and interacting with its agents, so that the company attracts more and more potential customers. To stimulate the activity of agents, Travelor pays the agent significantly more than the offer it can be offered in ethe market.

There is a control panel linked to the company’s website for effective management of leads and team, as well as for viewing sales and income of both the agent and the entire company.

​If you work with the control panel every day, you should know how important a simple and effective interface is.

Travelor - Control Panel



Unfortunately, almost all of the new agents of the company complained about the need to watch long and not quite understandable videos teaching the panel. Also, the obsolete interface and the lack of many useful functions created inconvenience even for experienced users of the control panel. There were not enough important modules such as internal chat, inbox, the option of individual interface settings, and also lacked many useful analytical data.


Redesign the existing control panel system and adding new modules will facilitate the work of experienced agents, and for new agents, the interface will become intuitive and eliminate the need to watch training videos. The dynamism of information cards allows you to customize the interface to the taste and requirement of each agent.


I was responsible for developing a new control panel for Travelor. At the briefing, I learned about the goals and objectives of the company, technological capabilities and limitations, competitive advantages, and disadvantages. I conducted several interviews with users, watched from the side, how they use the product, and understood their pain points. I created the information architecture, content, a new modern interface, high-quality wireframes, and a prototype that you can click on.


I conducted several interviews with users. This stage was important to understand the current situation and to understand their work, their process, and to identify the pain points they encounter on a daily basis.

Interviews with user Oleg Yusupov


"To understand the user, you need to become one".

Having received an agent account, I began to test the control panel and came to the conclusion that it is intuitively incomprehensible, inconvenient for effective management of leads and team of agents, the lack of many useful modules makes it difficult to work productively. Watching the video helped me understand a lot, but did not solve the problem.

After the briefing and interview with users, I developed a presentation of the strategy.


I pointed out all the existing problems of the current version of the control panel, and together with the project manager, we decided on the main goals.

Defining clear goals


Redesign of the existing control panel system


Adding a convenient module for attracting new agents by the acting agent to create your team


Effective tracking with Inbox alerts, such as requests from potential customers, hotel bookings, and much more.​​​​​​


Make it possible to configure the interface to the requirements of each agent


Fast communication between agents through internal chat


Moreover, I built the project’s mindmap to validate the new structure of the site with other stakeholders.


I would love to start with a low fidelity sketch and then refine it to show the team and the customer.
After approving one of the directions, I would switch to Axure, XD or Sketch to create an interactive prototype for dynamic testing of the tool and check all the principles.



After the user survey, I saw the need to reorganize the architecture hierarchy on the dashboard. I created a content priority guide to identify components and their level of importance. 

The old version had an excess of pages, a distribution of the deficient content, and a lack of categorization where contents with the same subject were in different places.



Now let's compare the old version of the control panel with the new version made by me.

So, let's look at some of the problems I found:
Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 21.51.36.png

The menu is not in order of importance and frequency of work by the user

It’s not clear what page the user is on

Profile photo is not clickable and it is not possible to set up a profile

There is information about the amount of my earnings and my sale, but the trend is not clear. This month I earned more or less than the previous month?

No filter by date

Cards cannot be organized according to customer needs. For example, why should I constantly see the rank bar and why is it always at the top? Links to invite new customers and agents are important, but there is no reason to place them on the main panel

The working area is not full width. There is no reason for this

Scrolling through each tab individually is not recommended. It is better to replace the scroll with the text button “more"

The old version of the control panel with the new version made by me.


Based on user research, I reorganized the architecture hierarchy on the home page, improved the visual design to grab the attention of users.

In addition, I have added and improved information cards and added new modules such as event calendar, chat, inbox, adaptive interface.

I added a search box

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 22.19.03.png

For the convenience of the user, I added the ability to hide the menu.

I compiled the menu according to the importance and frequency of user use. I added new modules to the menu, such as chat, inbox and calendar

Now it is possible to customize the profile here. Also, there are system settings

In the new control panel, you can organize cards as you wish

I have added data that helps the agent understand the trend of profit or loss.

Instead of scrolling, we added a “Show more” button.

I added a support hub

I added a filter by date


I conducted a usability test with 6 participants and received positive feedback on product functionality and interactions. 100% of agents were able to understand the new interface without video tutorials.


After the skeleton and prototype were approved by the customer and tested by users, I transferred the project to UI designers.



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